Research Progress of Food Packaging Contaminants (2)

4 Alkylphenols Alkylphenols are widely used as plastic plasticizers, industrial detergents, agrochemical emulsifiers, finishing agents for the textile industry, and the like, and include: nonylphenols (NP), octylphenols , octylphenol, styrenes, polyvinyl chloride, 4-ethylphenol, o-cresol, phenol,-----

Combined food packaging container

2226581 This patent relates to a modular food packaging container. The container body is a sub-container body assembly formed by a sub-container body, and the sub-container body assembly passes through The hoop sleeve is fixed to the outside. Each container body is provided with a sealing device-----

Product packaging and decoration (2)

Section 2 Basic Requirements for Product Packaging First, the overall requirements of commodity packaging (I) The need to adapt to various circulation conditions To ensure the safety of commodities in the circulation process, commodity packaging should have a certain strength, solid, firm and d-----

Full-automatic high-speed wide-segment cutting machine …

Recently, after one year of hard work, the first fully automated high-speed wide-width (7.2m) slitting machine designed and developed in China by the Beiren Group's Wuxi Beiren Ximin Printing Machinery Factory successfully filled the domestic gap. This machine has attracted close attention fr-----

Talk about the experience of label printing consumables…

Paper The label pattern is mainly on the ground, which requires the smoothness, whiteness and glossiness of the paper. If you want to get a satisfactory label printing effect in the field, the smoothness of the paper must be high to ensure that the printed product has a uniform density value, so -----

Inkjet printing organic pigment ink (5)

4.3 Water Dispersible Ultrafine Pigment Colorants In order to reduce the particle size of the pigment colorant, the printed pattern is clear, and the dye colorant has a clear feeling, a water-dispersible ultrafine pigment colorant can be made. Usually the dispersion of pigment particles includes t-----

The best reproduction of tone (level) (1)

The best reproduction of the second tone (level) Due to limitations of printing materials, process technology and other factors, most color continuous-tone original images cannot be faithfully copied and reproduced, but only the printed image can be as close to the original as possible. From the -----