Transparent packet packaging machine ironing device

The utility model relates to a mechanical equipment technology of packaging machine 'target=_blank' and transparent film packaging on the outer surface of a product. A negative pressure air suction device is arranged above the feed inlet of the turret, and a through slot is provided in the-----

Cooking adhesives for food packaging composite bags

The composite film packaging material combines different characteristics of the film with a special adhesive to overcome the inherent defects of a single film. Since its introduction in the 1950s, the material has been widely used in food, medical, pesticide and cosmetics industries because of its-----

Research on Polyurethane Adhesives for Plastic Printing…

Plastic printing inks have been increasing in usage with the development of the color printing and packaging industry, while research and production units in the country are basically left blank in the development of this market. Rarely are studies reported in this area. Therefore, we have conduct-----

Sulfuric acid paper printing process points and adjustm…

1, the nature of sulfuric acid paper Sulfuric acid paper is intertwined with fine plant fibers, free-pulverized in the wet state, without sizing, without fillers, paper, 72% concentrated sulfuric acid soaked for 2 ~ 3s, washed with water after glycerol treatment, after drying A hard, film-like su-----

Shining Pearl Shining "Two-Pearl Pearl Card" …

Toppan Printing Co., Ltd. develops a "two-color pearl ink" that will produce two kinds of color changes from different perspectives. It can be used in the card industry of the financial industry and has the dual characteristics of high-grade design sense and strong security. Using this t-----

Gravure printing machine cylinder shaft

Patent application number .3 Abstract : A gravure printing machine cylinder shaft is provided with a rotating shaft in the structure. A short sleeve shaft and a fixed short shaft are arranged at the two ends of the rotating shaft. A cartridge mounting and positioning device is arranged on the rot-----

Powder-free paper printing ink additive was successfull…

Recently, the powder-free paper printing ink additive was successfully developed by Hangzhou West Lake Printing Industrial Company. In the high-end high-speed color lithographic packaging printing, the most common, most prominent and most difficult problem to solve is that the back of the product-----