What is the reason why the automatic washing machine do…

Fully automatic washing machines have been popularized in many homes. Although the fully automated setting greatly facilitates our lives, but because of the more complex internal parts design, the fully automated appliances are generally more prone to failure. . The most common proble-----

How to buy environmentally friendly furniture?

Warm beds, large closets, compact dining cabinets, soft sofas... Furniture is closely related to our lives, directly affecting the health and quality of life of the whole family, so choose safe and environmentally friendly furniture. Particularly important. There are various types of furniture on -----

Mother's Day Gift - Beautiful Love Necklace

Mother's Day Gift - Beautiful Love Necklace Computer Table Perfectly suited for smaller spaces like studio apartments and kids' bedrooms, our computer table can quite easily be tucked into a corner. Crafted from laminated manufactured wood and particle board, is-----

Practical slimming for progressively variable storage s…

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] [Chinese wardrobe network ] Nowadays, the house price is inch by inch, making full use of space can not only solve the troubles of the mess, but also a kind of money-saving performance. But there are too many items, and it is a test for the storage at home-----

Beijing City No. 81

There are four major homes in Beijing: Hufang Bridge Huguang Assembly Hall, Xidan Xiaoshihu Hutong No. 33, Chaoyangmennei Main Street No. 81 (ie No. 81 Jingcheng) and Xi'an Gate Palace. The most famous is the capital No. 81. The legend of “spiritual house” has been circulating for-----

Perhaps the TED speech in 2020 is artificial intelligen…

In 2020, three speakers will stand on the TED stage and compete for $5 million. The general speakers are free of charge, but the three identities are a bit special: they are not human. The lectures will be completed by the artificial intelligence system, and they will be the finalists of the new -----

Talking about changing electric welding machine into fl…

This flaw. The rear stage of the power amplifier adopts OCL circuit, which consists of a pair of high-power pair of tube groups to make. The tube models are: MJ11032 and MJ11033, which are produced by the MTOROLA company in the United States. The BVeco is 120V, the maximum output current is 50A,-----