Drinking water from a bottle of mineral water used by B…

For environmental protection and energy conservation, there is often a cry for the suspension of bottled water or mineral water, but it has obviously not affected Belgian consumers who have been drinking bottled water for hundreds of years. The habit of using bottled water is unbreakable. In a re-----

Gao Yao, Guangdong: Will be the largest beer bottle pro…

The largest high-end beer bottle production base in Asia today settled in Gaoyao, Guangdong Province. It will build an annual output of 300,000 tons of high-grade glass products. It is estimated that an annual output of 1.2 billion beer bottles will be produced with annual sales of one billion yuan-----

The amount of formaldehyde released is not related to t…

Formaldehyde is harmful to the human body. It is also true that formaldehyde is contained in the wooden floor, but you should also know that in the clothes, even in tap water, it also contains formaldehyde! Therefore, you should know that although formaldehyde is harmful, in f-----

Remember to moisturize the winter floor

With the advent of the heating season, the winter maintenance of the floor is in front of many owners. Experts reminded the public that due to the dry weather, in order to prevent the floor cracks from being too large, the owner should increase the indoor air humidity while en-----

Corrosion metal wood furniture moisture proof method

In the summer, from time to time, you can encounter a heavy rain. In a damp room, it seems that the air can be screwed out of the water; everything is wet. At this time, furniture moisture has become one of the most important issues. Leather furniture maintenance oil dehumidi-----

How much do you know about Chinese classical furniture …

In recent years, China's classical furniture has gradually been loved by more and more people. Many people have begun to collect classical furniture. However, there are many foreigners who collect classical furniture, and many classical furniture are lost overseas. The tw-----

Extend the life of composite wood flooring

Economical and practical composite wood flooring has become the main choice for the floor decoration of the people's living room. Proper use and care can extend the life of composite wood flooring. The method of maintaining composite wood flooring is simple. In general, y-----