Beauty products, permanent youth is not a myth

Beauty products, permanent youth is not a myth Recommended 1 Ou counter-time anti-wrinkle care eye cream 20ML560 yuan Efficacy: The texture is smooth and refreshing, non-sticky, easy to absorb, contains special anti-wrinkle ingredients, can effectively protect the eye skin and restore skin elasti-----

Handmade small orange lamp

Preparation materials: scissors, spoons, wool, candles (short), cardboard, lighter, a chopstick, colored markers. The first step is to draw a small circle in the middle of the orange with a colored pencil, and then cut the circle with scissors to remove it. The second st-----

Baby carton handmade - ship making

Production wheel boat Baby carton handmade - ship making Two cut corners of the box, and then colored cardboard glued on top of the tip made of a ship, a helical cut with a milk box sub-section, the windows on both sides of digging, then glued to the big box, the next CD-----

Disposable used paper cups handmade - dancing color sna…

Material preparation: One-time disposable paper cups (the more paper cups, the longer the color snake will be, the better it will be), the paper jam, the color pen (or the sticky notes of various colors), the wire (or cotton swab ), double-sided tape, ball pen , scissors,-----

Coping with all kinds of makeup scenes

Because of makeup, what embarrassing situation have you encountered? For example, the foundation is cracked, wrinkled, eyeliner, eye shadow fainted, dry skin after applying lipstick? The following small series will take measures against these embarrassing scenes. The foundation is cracked and wrin-----

Netizens Summarize Outdoor Knowledge Season Four: Outdo…

1, trauma: The body is torn or damaged by external forces. There are many causes of trauma, depending on whether there are wounds or not, they can be divided into open and closed categories. 1-1, closed trauma: caused by blunt force, no skin, body surface mucosa rupture, common bruises and sprai-----

Barbie Power Eye Makeup, attributed to eyelash curler

Do you like Barbie? Do you think that her long, curled eyelashes make you envious? Want to have such eyelashes, the first step is to have a type suitable for your eyes and easy to use eyelash curler. Only when the eyelashes are curled up and natural, can you help to better brush out the doll-like d-----