Decrease in the Cost of Production of Packaging Boards for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (I)

Quality is the life of an enterprise. Quality is the core of efficiency. Quality is the concentrated expression of the level of production, technology, management, and quality of personnel. A company with poor product quality does not work well.

Management is the eternal theme of the company. One enterprise is the worst and the efficiency is poor. The most important weakness is management. Management cannot substitute for all activities of the company, but all activities of the enterprise cannot be managed without science.

The market's door is always open to the enterprise, but the door to market is inseparable from the product quality.

Competition is the inevitable result of the market economy. The cost advantage can be invincible in the competition towel. The source of competitiveness is comparative advantage.

Competitiveness is available through high technology, large capital, and high-level talent. However, if the competitiveness can only be achieved through high technology, large capital, and senior people, then our small and medium-sized enterprises and private individual enterprises will have no hope. The paper industry will have no hope and the towel industry will have no hope.

The concept of competitiveness is always a concept of cost. It is the relationship between cost and interest. The essence is cost competition. Finding a comparative advantage is our competitiveness.

From the choice of species to find the relative advantage. Product quality is the premise of cost, and cost is the embodiment of management level. Therefore, for enterprises that use waste paper to produce packaging paperboard, to realize the advantages of low-cost products, product variety and grade selection are fundamental to economic efficiency: raw material ratio and waste paper quality are low-cost guarantees; energy consumption is low cost The foundation; production time is the key to low cost.

Low-grade products, quality must meet the use requirements.

·According to local conditions, according to market conditions and the actual level of the company to choose product variety and product grade positioning.

· To avoid the advantages of large-scale enterprises and modern enterprises in Shanghai.

· To achieve a variety of varieties and specifications, so that "the boat is a good u-turn", do not just stare at one, _ two products, "hanging on a tree."

· Produce boxboard, either to produce high-end or near-high-end products, and close to high-end products have price advantages. Either produce low-grade products, but it must be smooth or have a good edge.
• Companies producing corrugated base paper must produce high-strength corrugated base paper, and do not produce low-grade corrugated base paper.

· Enterprises that produce coated white paperboard must produce high-end products, otherwise they will not produce white paperboard with good quality.

Good quality low-grade linerboard, bobbin paperboard, paper tube, tube coreboard, etc. also have a certain market.

1, product variety selection and grade is the fundamental economic benefits

· Must choose a good product variety and product grade positioning. Grade and quality are two concepts. Regardless of high-grade, medium-grade, medium-, raw-material ratio, and waste paper quality, which are the raw material costs for packaging board to reduce costs, they generally have to account for 60% of the total cost. Therefore, to ensure that the cost of raw materials is reduced, the total cost can be reduced. . Some people say: Producing high-quality kraft cardboard and self-cardboard, whoever has the ability to use waste paper, can save money. Who can use low-priced waste paper in high-grade products? That is his ability. Therefore, the rational use of waste paper, good use of waste paper is the most basic guarantee for business survival.

2, reduce the cost of packaging board raw materials and the main measures are:

• The proportion of the dough paste must be controlled below 15%. The proportion of low-quantity products can be slightly higher, while the proportion of high-quantity products can be reduced.

• In order to reduce the proportion of dried pastas, it is necessary to use as the lining pulp a waste pulp whose mass is close to the price of the noodle. Some companies do not use lining, the proportion of batter even exceed 20%, the cost can not fall down.

· The quality and price of waste paper, especially the quality and price of domestic waste paper, must be grasped from the source. We must do a good job at the three levels: First, the quality of the acquisition is the most important; _ It is the acceptance check of the factory; The third is the workshop. .

·Domestic waste paper is mixed to make false, shoddy, water is too large, the weight is insufficient, the phenomenon of various impurities abound. If you do not strictly scrutinize the customs and customs inspections, even collaborate internally and externally, accept rebates, and use your own pockets, then companies that use large amounts of waste paper and waste paper will not only save money, but also use it on waste paper.

· Conditional companies, where paperboard core pulp is blended with partially self-made straw, can increase stiffness and reduce costs.

· With a good scrap, picking up a good corrugated carton for the production of linerboard, low cost, low purchase price, but also a large market.

· With good self-made paper noodles, ordinary paperboards with good glossiness can be sold, but the cost is low and the price is cheap.

· Foreign production of corrugated paper used mechanical grinding wood pulp, which is now used for thermal refining. The best domestic high-strength corrugated base paper uses 100% sulfate wheat straw pulp, which is superior to imported corrugated paper. Small and medium-sized enterprises adopt 100% imported OCC to produce high-strength corrugated base paper, the cost is difficult to pass, and some domestic OCCs are used to fill in reinforcing agents. The cost can be reduced and the quality can be passed.

(to be continued)

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