The difference between spot color printing and four color printing blocks

The inks that are prepared by spot color printing are obtained according to the subtractive color mixing principle of color materials, and have lower color brightness and higher saturation: the uniform color blocks of ink are usually printed in the field and the ink volume is appropriately increased. When the thickness of the ink layer on the layout is large, the sensitivity of the change in the thickness of the ink layer to the color change will be reduced, so it is easier to obtain a uniform and thick printing effect of the ink.

The use of four-color printing process overprint color blocks, due to the composition of the color of the various colors are mostly composed of a certain percentage of dots, when printing dots, the ink layer thickness must be strictly controlled, easy to change due to the ink layer thickness and printing Changes in process conditions cause color intensity changes. Changes in the degree of network expansion. This leads to a change in color. Furthermore, since any color change that composes the color block will cause the color of the color block to change, and the chance of occurrence of uneven ink will multiply, the color blocks overprinted by the four-color printing process are not easy to obtain ink color. Uniform effect. If you cannot use a multicolor machine to overprint the color of the color block. It is also prone to color shifts due to the inability of the color of the semifinished product to be controlled. In addition, the four-color printing results in the combined effect of subtractive color absorption and additive color mixing of the dots, and the color block has higher brightness and lower saturation. For light-colored blocks, a four-color printing process is used. Due to the low coverage of the ink by the ink, the ink is bland and lacks a solid feeling. Because of the network point of view, it will inevitably make people feel the presence of patterns.

Source: HC Network Printing Industry Channel

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