Water-based glue compound technology application and solution (in)

The composite diagram is shown in Figure 2.

Water-based adhesive compound Note: It is recommended that the substrate be corona-treated online to ensure that the surface of the substrate can meet the compounding requirements; mix gently for five minutes before use to make the components of the glue mixed uniformly to achieve the best compounding effect; Mixture, so as not to affect the appearance of the composite film; dead glue version of the net pit to be shallow, gargle to be larger, so that the glue as much as possible contact with the substrate; composite open scraping the bar, to ensure uniform coating, continuous; The offset plate rotates slowly and lifts the scraper to avoid stencils. The storage temperature is controlled at 5-30°C. Do not contaminate dirt or foreign matter.

When the temperature of the oven reaches the set temperature after compounding, the air inlet of the oven is maximized to ensure the dryness of the adhesive coating.

Physical test

The water-based adhesive compounding is shown in Table 1, and the solvent-based glue compounding is shown in Table II. When the same product is used to produce the same product, the physical properties of the product using water-based glue compound reach the level of solvent-based glue compounding, but the amount of glue applied is much smaller than that of solvent-based glue compounding.

The residual amount of solvent is shown in Table 3. When water-based adhesives and solvent-based adhesives were used to compound the same product, after the application of the water-based adhesive compounding technology, the solvent in the compounding process was not only not increased, but also the volatilization rate of the original solvent of the printed film was recalled. Can reach the national and industrial food packaging solvent residue requirements, after 12 hours of aging can be controlled at 6mg/m2, the following, to ensure food packaging health, safety and environmental protection.

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