Beijing City No. 81

There are four major homes in Beijing: Hufang Bridge Huguang Assembly Hall, Xidan Xiaoshihu Hutong No. 33, Chaoyangmennei Main Street No. 81 (ie No. 81 Jingcheng) and Xi'an Gate Palace. The most famous is the capital No. 81. The legend of “spiritual house” has been circulating for a long time.

A thrilling movie "Capital City 81" is even more provocative. This led to the influx of innumerable questers. Even more legendary, it enveloped a mysterious veil.

Today, Xiao Bian took everyone to explore the mysterious ghost building in Beijing No. 81, don't be afraid!

Beijing Capital No. 81 is two small Western buildings located at No. 81 Yard, Chaoyangmennei Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing. It was built from about the end of the 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century.

Legends about it

Legend One

A KMT officer lived on the 81st. Later, the Kuomintang fled to Taiwan and fled the family. His wife was hanging in a room inside. Officers are also being copied, so every night there will be cries of children and women.

Legend II

During the War of Resistance Against Japan, the Huo family, a large capital of the capital, arrested a young woman in the Qing dynasty for the death of the younger brother of the Huo family. She died on the occasion of her desperation, and the Hu family died afterwards for no apparent reason. Since then, Huo family has declined.

Legend III

According to recent rumors, in the past few years, nearby construction workers drank in the evening and used the toilet in the basement of No. 81. Afterwards, they discovered the mysterious cave. After entering, they mysteriously disappeared.

For these legends, some people are convinced, as if they saw it with their own eyes, and some people are skeptical. The truth is... Before we decipher, we first come to experience the magic power of Ghost House.

The three-storey Western-style buildings and the masonry-structured small buildings adopt typical eclectic styles of the 20th century in Europe and America. The three floors on the ground have basements and the attic has a top floor and are covered with France's "Monza" double-folding roof and arched decorative windows.

A bit scary! !

Did you see the handprint in the window?

Legends are legends. Rumors cannot withstand the test. These stories were later specifically investigated by reporters. They are all false.

The official gives this explanation:

No.81 Chaohei Street is the original site of “North China Concorde Discourse School”. It was established by the American missionaries in 1910 as a language training center and a rest place. In 1930, when the missionary stopped supporting the school financially, the school was renamed the California Academy and began recruiting students to train diplomats, scholars, businessmen, and other talents. The American expert on Chinese issues, Fei Zhengqing, studied language at this school in 1932. After the founding of New China, the small building has been requisitioned by some administrative departments of the government. By the 1980s, it was still an office building under the Civil Affairs Bureau. In the late 1990s, the government handed over the property of the No. 81 Institute to the Catholic Diocese of Beijing. After the handover of the No. 81 hospital, after the evaluation of the housing management department, it was discovered that the two small buildings were in disrepair for a long time and were no longer eligible for use. At the same time, the small building, as a building in the "List of Beijing's Excellent Architecture," cannot be demolished and can only be transformed on the original basis. The renovation required a lot of expenses. The church hopes to lease the small building to a third party for renovation. However, due to the high cost of renovation, many tenants do not think it is worthwhile, so the decade has been shelved.

In addition:

The police officer Shen Zhenyu of the Chaoyangmen police station of the Dongcheng Public Security Bureau inquired for ten years of files. There were no rumors of the disappearance of the decoration workers in 2000 and the deaths of the explorers in the building in 2007. "If there are cases, public security agencies must have reported the crimes, but now it seems that these are all rumors."

As the No. 81 Yard was left unattended for many years, some of the idle members of the community had spent the night there. Some of the lights caused so-called wildfire rumors. As the No. 81 institute was heated up on the Internet, the explorers often rushed in and out, creating some sound and light.

Although the truth is true, it is still terrible to break the cold old building. Timid people cautiously!

Reference: Baidu Encyclopedia, pictures from the network

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