Perhaps the TED speech in 2020 is artificial intelligence.

In 2020, three speakers will stand on the TED stage and compete for $5 million. The general speakers are free of charge, but the three identities are a bit special: they are not human.

Perhaps the TED speech in 2020 is artificial intelligence.

The lectures will be completed by the artificial intelligence system, and they will be the finalists of the new XPrize Cognitive Computing Competition. The XPrize Foundation and IBM recently announced the new XPrize competition on the TED stage, this time with the theme of artificial intelligence.

The full name of the competition is "IBM Watson AI X Prize: A Cognitive Computing Competition", and the task is also very broad: the team should demonstrate how humans work with cognitive technologies to solve the most difficult challenges in the world. Another goal is to prove that artificial intelligence has the potential to do good, not evil. But what the challenge is, it can depend on the developer himself. After the 2020 speech, the TED audience and the jury jointly selected the winners of the competition.

The XPrize Foundation has been running such a competition for 20 years. For the first time, Ansari XPrize asked participants to build a spacecraft that can take passengers to sub-orbital space. The game boosted the development of the private space industry, and the final award-winning design became the basis for the development of space company Virgin Galactic. Other challenges include launching a probe to the moon and exploring the depths of the ocean.

Different from this competition, the previous ones have clear goals or requirements, but this time the contestants define their own challenges. Although XPrize has its own definition of artificial intelligence, they will not be announced until the deadline for registration in May this year, so the team can customize the challenge and propose a corresponding solution.

Peter Diamandis, founder of XPrize, said, “I personally hate the dystopian argument about artificial intelligence. We think it is the most important invention of human beings and can help solve the challenges we face. We want to prove this.” It seems to have been advocated Musk, who limits artificial intelligence, should not participate in the competition.


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