Practical slimming for progressively variable storage space combination wardrobe

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] [Chinese wardrobe network ] Nowadays, the house price is inch by inch, making full use of space can not only solve the troubles of the mess, but also a kind of money-saving performance. But there are too many items, and it is a test for the storage at home. If it is not handled properly, it will be a mess. In this issue, China Wardrobe Network will recommend a new home design solution, and a powerful storage space for the combined wardrobe to solve your storage problems.

[porch design]

Wardrobe design

The entrance is a transition between the interior and the outside of the entrance, and there are many styles. Because the entrance is at the door, it is a wise choice to make a shoe cabinet. The Meiluos designer has fully utilized the function of the porch to make the shoe cabinet. The large-capacity shoe storage space is several times that of the ordinary porch shoe cabinet. Also added to the top of the cabinet, played a visual balance by enhancing the storage function. The thoughtful hook design takes into account the entrance of the umbrella, stationery bag free to hang, fully embodies the user-friendly humanity.

[The whole cabinet made for the purpose of creating food]

Bedroom storage

The U-shaped kitchen design is really a full use of the space, all the operation and storage height is concentrated on the wall, in the original small kitchen to give the owner as much space as possible. The open cabinets contain all the seasonings and dishes, and the cabinets carry the consoles and can hold the common items that are used with them.

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